What is 2B.Angels’

Investors Club?

What is 2B.Angels’

Investors Club?

Resilience and Rebuilding
Through Israeli 

The resilience and tenacity of the Israeli people will be the head wind that sees the country emerge from the October 7th War stronger than ever.  The Day-After rebuilding holds tremendous innovation and opportunity.

What is the 2B Angels' Investors Club

Raising $20M

Israel’s A-team investment fund, 2B.VC, led by Yoel Cheshin, is launching an Angel Investors Club, raising $20M, to invest in 25 Pre-Seed and Seed startups over the next three years.

Ticket Size 
of $500K-$1M

The 2B Angels' investors Club will invest an average ticket size of $500K-1M; and its members will enjoy a modular framework, selectively investing in deals. 

of $100K

Membership requires a commitment to invest at least $100K over a three-year period, with a minimum of $25K per investment.  There will be no management fees in the initial three years. 

Why is the 2B Angels’ 
Investors Club a Unique Opportunity?

Semi Unicorns
(and counting)

Operating Explore Incubator with IRR above 20%

In a word

2B Angels' Investors Club provides a platform to meet first-rate deal flow 
with outstanding returns allowing tech companies to thrive 
and scale. More than a platform, the 2b Club brings together investors with a shared commitment to leverage tech investing to re-invigorate Israel’s tech sector.

The 2B Investors Angels Club is being launched on February 29, 2024.
Contact: Shelly@2b.vc